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Thank you for visiting Landscape Maintenance & Design, one of the oldest and longest running landscape companies in the Columbus area.

I am the owner, Joe Bucci and I would like to tell you about our company.

My dad started Landscape Maintenance & Design, LLC in 1975. When he retired in 1994 I took over the company. I wanted to stand out as the best landscape company in the city with the most competitive prices and still be able to provide the highest quality of work.

  • We use the same crew on your property all season long so we know your property inside and out. This insures that they will know where all the wet and low spots are and will eliminate the chance of our big mowers getting stuck or scalping and tearing the lawn.
  • We are extremely proud of being in the landscape business for almost 40 years without one complaint with the Columbus BBB (where we hold an A+ rating). That’s unheard of in the landscape business. We are also A+ rated members of Angie’s List.
  • We pay our technicians an average of $3.00 to $4.00 per hour more than any other company. In doing so, we can hire the best people. We hire only foreman and crew leaders from reputable companies. This means you’re going to get the best work possible and not a student on summer vacation.
  • The most common complaint I have heard so many times was, “They never call us back when there is a problem.”. If there is a ever problem, not only are we going to call you back immediately, but if you haven’t heard from us within 24 hours, the job is FREE!

We are also one of the few full service landscaping companies in the city.

We offer everything from mowing, fertilization, custom stonework, all tree work, trimming shrubs and spring and fall cleanup.

In addition, we use only Lesco products which are without a doubt the best in the business and also the brand golf courses use.

Most landscapers will not use Lesco fertilizer because it’s almost double the price, but we buy in bulk and the results are night and day – and we will not charge you any more that what you are paying now. Also, we use Triple Shredded Everblack fine mulch with food coloring. Yes, it is more expensive, but we take pride in the way our properties look and there is no comparison to the cheap hardwood mulch. We typically put down in April, and by December it will still look like we just did it the day before. Your property will look great from Spring to Winter. *GUARANTEED*

Most of our repeat clients who we have had year after year tell us they would never consider hiring another company to maintain their property. This speaks very highly of our staff, who most have been with us for 6 to 10 years and they’re simply the best at what they do.

Please feel free to ask for a listing of all the properties we provide landscape services to. We urge you to drive by all of these properties and take a look at our work.

This is my promise to you: I will make all your landscaping, whether it’s mulching the lawn, trimming your shrubs or building a paved patio perfect from start to finish.

Thank you for taking time to read about Landscape Maintenance & Design. We hope to hear from you soon!

Joe Bucci

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